Felicie Habicht (née Muhlfeld)



Date of Birth

31 July 1991 (age 20)


Berlin, Germany

Current Residence

Munich, Germany


father: Werner Muhlfeld, d. '93
mother: Isabel Muhlfeld (née Janvier), d. '93


Liane Muhlfeld
Ross Muhlfeld

Other family

Kristina Muhlfeld (aunt)
Rosalie Dietrich (née Muhlfeld) (cousin)
Katarina Martin (née Muhlfeld) (cousin)
Nora Muhlfeld (cousin)


husband: Johan Habicht

Felicie Habicht (née Muhlfeld) (born 31 July 1991) is a German fashion model.

Early LifeEdit

1991 to 1994Edit

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2001 to 2004Edit

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2005 to 2009Edit

University & ModellingEdit

Engagement and MarriageEdit

On Felicie's 20th birthday, her boyfriend of over a year, Johan Habicht, proposed marriage to her. Felicie had never really thought about marriage, but she accepted his proposal anyway, because she loved him and, really, how bad could it be?

Felicie and Johan got married on 24 October 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. They were on a vacation, and got a bit drunk. They woke up the next morning to find that they were married.

It was quite a shock to both of them, but, eventually they decided to just stay married, as they had been engaged at the time and they didn't want to get divorced only to get married later. They have decided to continue on with their relationship as it was, merely changing "fiancé/e" to "husband/wife".

They do plan on having a formal ceremony once Felicie graduates university.





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